DEX Aggregator OpenOcean Integrates With zkSync Era, Unlocking Deeper Liquidity

• DEX aggregator OpenOcean has launched integration with the zk-rollups platform zkSync Era.
• The move allows the DeFi platform to expand its trading solution to the zkSync Era community.
• Future plans are to add support for limit orders and cross-chain swaps, OpenOcean said in a press release.

DEX Aggregator OpenOcean Integrates With zkSync Era

DEX aggregator Open Ocean has announced integration with Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution zkSync Era. ZK-rollups allow major scaling of the Ethereum network, bumping transaction throughput and cutting gas costs, while also ensuring user privacy and security.

Expanded Trading Solution

The integration will allow OpenOcean’s DEX aggregator to launch on zkSync Era, providing users access to deep liquidity sources across platforms such as SyncSwap, Velocore, iZiSwap, Mute, SpaceFi and GemSwap.

Future Plans

OpenOcean plans to enhance the integration by supporting limit orders and cross chain swaps aggregation on the zkSync Era. This will enable users to execute trades efficiently across different liquidity pools and reduce slippage.

Welcome To The Community

Sam from the zkSync team welcomed OpenOcean into their community saying “We warmly welcome OpenOcean to the zkSync community.“


The partnership between DEX aggregatorOpen Ocean and Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutionz kSyncEra will helpexpandthe trading solution fortheDeFiplatform whilealso providing access t odeepliquidity sourcesacross various platforms offeringlimitordersandcross chainswapsaggregationonz ksyncEra whichwill helpexecute tradesefficientlywhilereducing slippage .