Floki Inu Soars: Chancer Token Sale Gains Steam

• Floki Inu price has surged due to the recent trend of traditional finance companies embracing Bitcoin.
• Chancer’s pre-sale has raised over $309k in about a week.
• The Floki ecosystem includes Valhalla, FlokiFi, and NFT collections.

Floki Inu Price Increases

The price of Floki Inu has been on the rise in recent days with its joining popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and Jasmy. This surge is mainly due to the growing move towards traditional finance, known as TradFi. Crypto investors have been getting greedy due to this trend while the crypto fear and greed index and CNN Money index moved into the extreme greed area.

Chancer Token Sale Gains Steam

Chancer’s token sale has successfully raised over $309k from investors within a one-week period. This illustrates an investor confidence in the project and further increases the value of Floki Inu.

Why Floki Inu is Rising

The main reason why investors are flocking to Floki Inu is due to its aim for utility in blockchain industry with its establishment of an ecosystem that includes Valhalla, a metaverse platform, FlokiFi, a DeFi product, and NFT collections. Additionally, news such as Blackrock applying for iShares Bitcoin Trust has increased investor confidence which has caused prices to soar across different cryptocurrencies including Pepe, Bitcoin Cash, and most notably Floki Inu that saw an increase of over 20% in 24 hours.

Deutsche Bank Decision

Another major news that has driven up prices was Deutsche Bank’s filing for a crypto custody license in Germany which furthers their support for cryptocurrency investments such as Bitcoin ETFs by large financial services companies such as WisdomTree and Invesco adding more validation to cryptocurrency investments than ever before.

Floki INU Price Prediction

There is high likelihood that the price of Flokki INU will continue increasing in the near future as more investors flock to it given its utility features compared to other altcoins that focus mainly on speculation purposes only resulting in potential all time high prices if achieved at $0.00035 level at some point soon .